Who are we?

What is Train4Performance?

At Train4Performance we provide you with accessible, practical & SCIENTIFIC sports knowledge which will help you crush your sports goals!

Content is uploaded every Wednesday. If you like the content, spread the word so that as many people can benefit from the scientific approach to sports we preach at train4performance. Input and feedback (e.g. about next week articles, functionalities,

 etc.) are highly appreciated. Peace out and keep up the good work 🙂


My name is Nathan Houtsma and I started Train4Performance.com to make scientific sports knowledge accessible to anyone. I love to take a deep dive into topics and translate theoretical knowledge into practical tips. I believe taking a scientific approach to sports can help anyone achieve their sports goals. I practice football and fitness myself and use my insights in my own training. Currently, I am studying physical therapy at HU University of Applied sciences and work as a certified fitness instructor.